Restaurant Review: Waly-Fay

Travel down roads less travelled and you will often stumble upon yet-to-be-discovered treasures. Tucked away in Paris’ neighbourhood of Republique on a nondescript street is Waly-Fay, a unique Pan-African, Parisian experience. 

walyfay4Often, word of mouth is more powerful that any travel guide. GloTIME prides ourselves on bringing you the most unique, memorable experiences, and Waly-Fay is no different, except it is different in many ways. Amongst the European cuisine, cafes and patisseries dotted around the French Capital, the West African Waly-Fay stands out for all the good reasons. 

Despite the core of Waly-Fay calling upon Senegalese influence, the menu draws from a mixture of French, Portuguese and Northern African cuisine. Using the traditional custom of eating from a communal bowl, Waly-Fay have transformed this concept into quality African/French dining. This welcome is evident in the relaxed environment and friendly service, where small and large groups of friends and family settle into the comfortable atmosphere.

Many of Paris’ restaurants open only for dinner, so it is very unlikely that you will visit Waly-Fay in daylight. You can dine from 7PM, although phone orders start at 6PM. Search for the hidden rue Godefroy-Cavaignac and keep your eyes peeled for number 6, indicated by a six-foot bamboo, which frames the door. Inside, the candle-lit surfaces and warm glow is part of the restaurants charm and the furnace adds a touch of rustic to the decor. 

The menu is influenced with dashes of peanut curry, tomato braises and a peppering of spiced meats. Each dish is packed with a new palate of flavouring, one that is always prepared-to-order and is a hearty injection of comfort of you’ve been travelling. There are no bones about it – Waly-Fay simply serves good food. The tender beef skewers and Cameroonian Fish Soup appetisers are fine indicators of the spice levels, so do check with your waiter if chilli isn’t your thing. Favourites include the marinated half farmer chicken, smothered in succulent herbs before being served to you straight from the firewood/charcoal. It’s pescetarian counterpart is the grilled whole sea bream, smoky, flaky and moist covered in a sweet mint garnish. Both dishes are accompanied by rice as well as a tomato and onion stew-y gravy, the spices of which set off the caramelised fried Aloco (plantain) and soft sweet potato fries. 

Finally, the creamy coconut flan, and the rum, raising and ginger ice cream cool down the zesty ingredients from previous courses, and with an extensive selection from the carefully selected French wine list, you really couldn’t ask for more. If your mouth is watering then you’re on the right path to Waly-Fay, a quality restaurant in the heart of Paris. 




6, rue Godefroy-Cavaignac

75011 Paris

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