Make the Most of Christmas Eve with GloTIME!

No one wants to spend Christmas alone. Or do they? If you were a child (or adult!) of the nineties, Kevin McAllister managed to turn around a worst nightmare into every child’s dream – being Home Alone for Christmas. Without the rest of the family, our favourite eight-year-old character enjoyed adventure, a touch of indulgence, presents, and lots and lots of junk food. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? What are you most looking forward to?

festivemugIf you’ve managed to hang up the wreaths, light up the tree and wrap your gifts, then well done you! If not, don’t panic. It’s Christmas Eve, and instead of fretting about the last minute details, grab a glass of wine and take everything in your stride. What are your most favourite memories from the month of Christmas? Wrapping the stairs with tinsel? Or, until that awful moment when Santa ceased to exist, preparing cookies and milk to leave by the fireplace? It could have been the extravagant food shopping, or the matching pyjamas and fights to get in line for a warm cup of hot chocolate. I personally love shopping for other people’s presents, imagining their delight as they unwrap a gift off their wish list. All of these (and so much more!) make up Christmas, and in all honestly, if you have children, they’re probably so excited about the 25th that it really doesn’t matter that you may not have been able pick up the right matching napkins.

I bring this back to Home Alone as in a fun, fantastical (and slightly ideal) way, the blockbuster highlights the thing many of us take for granted: home. Homes come in many shapes and sizes, no matter who your parents, siblings, friends or family are or where you happen to be. The combination of all the above factors make up the festive period, and for the past month, random acts of kindness, decorating the house, work dinners, wrapping gifts and receiving them all count towards a time for reflection, appreciation and good cheer. Tonight, what do you have planned? You may be tired, although if the kids are still up, why not take up a Christmas craft activity with them while they open up their first present? Our Festive Mug craft is super-easy, as all you need is a mug and some permanent markers. If you have some time (and energy!), why not orchestrate a quick double chocolate snowball cookie baking session, or event get everyone to chip in with setting the table? Go on, Christmas only comes round once a year. A very merry Christmas from all of us at GloTIME.

The GloTIME team x


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