Your Last Chance at Fairground London

What do you do when you find a derelict warehouse? Turn it into the place to be, of course.

fairgroundFor the past ten weeks, Fairground London have popped up at 260-264 Kingsland Road, and turned the once-empty office space into three creative floors of talks, workshops, ping-pong, impromptu pamper sessions, restaurants, bars and wait for it – a living room. “Well why haven’t you mentioned it before?” we hear you ask. Because we save the best till last.

Fairground London are set to leave with a bang this weekend, packing the venue with a free World Cup Screening, guest performances, talks and music sets from Island Records as well as spoken word and good food all day long. When the weather is this good, what’s stopping you from enjoying the arts and culture London has to offer? Enough of us talking though, read what Fairground London is all about (from the horse’s mouth):

Not content with changing the way we eat out in London, Street Feast founder Dominic Cools- Lartigue has created Fairground as an opportunity for those with an interest in the creative arts to interact.

As Shoreditch evolves and becomes an ever more commercial beast, Fairground seeks to be the link between that which inspired East London’s regeneration and those who use the creative arts to steer a path through our current financial malaise.

From up-and-coming and established DJs and bands to street food traders, restaurateurs, thinkers and entrepreneurs, Fairground will feed both hungry stomachs and minds for 10 weekends in the heart of Hackney.

So, have a look at the gallery below to find out what’s been happening so far, and plan your weekend by visiting the Fairground London event calendar!

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