Birthday Recipes: Party Picks

GloTIME is back with another perfect party recipe. This week: Party Picks!

This recipe is certainly something for the creative individual. I had such good fun with this recipe, from picking and mixing the flavours to actually putting them together. The great thing about party picks is that you don’t need the exact measurements! Using this recipe as a guideline, do not be afraid to experiment and pick alternatives to suit your taste from the supermarket shelves. Ideally, I suggest to pick a food that already comes in miniature form, like mini gherkins and sausages or baby corn and even capers. You can also skewer pieces of pepper, celery or slivers of smoked salmon – delicious! Every party pick can be varied, and the possibilities really are endless. Best of all, they are pretty to look at and easy to eat – a real party food! 


For approx. 1 tray of nibbles

  •  Mixed olives
  •  A wedge of cheese, e.g. mild Cheddar or Gouda
  •  Feta cheese
  •  Mini Mozzarella balls
  •  Handful fresh basil leaves
  •  Cocktail tomatoes (ideally multicoloured)
  •  Several slices of cured ham
  •  Physalis (cape gooseberries)
  •  Cucumber

What you’ll need:

  •  Toothpicks/ small plastic or wooden skewers
  •  Knife
  •  Chopping board
  •  A tray or several large plates to put the nibbles on


  1. Cut the various cheeses into small cubes and the ham into strips. Then cut the cucumber in slices and half them.
  2. On a toothpick or small skewer place first an olive, then rolled up ham strips and, last, a piece of feta.
  3. On another toothpick, place first a physalis, then a half piece of cucumber and, last, a piece of Cheddar or Gouda cheese. Please note: I kept the physalis leaf for decoration purposes. It needs to be removed before eating this party pick!

Another combination can be: Mini mozzarella ball, fresh basil leave and cocktail tomato or olive, ham and Cheddar or Gouda cheese. Be creative!




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