Anastasia Bertram: Living the Dream

Ballerina, Actor, Singer and Film Maker Anastasia Bertram is just bursting with talent and creativity. Known as Tasha to her friends and family, it’s no surprise she is immersed in the world of the Arts, seeing as she is cousin to Hugh Grant and mum to superstar Thomas Sangster. 

Anastasia BertramGloTIME visited Tasha at her home in South London to find out exactly what made this lady tick.  On first impression, Tasha is petite and unassuming, with huge expressive doe-like eyes.  As she tells her story though, you realise that you are in the presence of a female powerhouse. Tasha balances effortlessly in huge high heels on a tiny stool as she reaches up for the biscuit tin at the top of the cupboard.  Her home is tastefully furnished and decorated with a mixture of art deco and shabby chic, and she serves us tea in delicate cups from another era.  

Tasha’s expression becomes whimsical as she reflects back to when she was ten years old and won a scholarship into The Legat School of Russian Ballet. “As a young girl, it was just a dream. I remember choosing Legat over any other school because I really felt the sense of family, being safe and looked after,” she recalls. Her dreams really did come true as Tasha then went on to become a soloist with The London City Ballet.

After marrying and giving birth to two children, Thomas and Ava, Tasha then began acting, a talent she successfully pursued for a number of years. She formed her own film company Brodie Films and produced A Hat for the Camel, a script written in the forties by her late grandfather. Tasha also starred in the film playing the part of Madame Blanche, which won an award for best art design, after being screened at festivals throughout Europe.

With the help of close friend singer-songwriter Mike Khan, Tasha then explored her own musical talent, which resulted in her forming Winnet, a theatrical jazz band named after a nickname she adopted at The London City Ballet. Winnet have been gigging for four years now, and over that time Tasha has evolved her own unique style of vocals and performance in the genre of Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf. She plays with other members of her family – Thomas on bass, ex-husband Mark on drums and daughter Ava providing the backing vocals. “It’s such an exciting opportunity to still perform today. I’d love to take the band to Italy and France on a European tour!’ Well she’s certainly on track, as Winnet have recently been offered a residency at  brasserie and wine bar Toulouse Lautrec in Kennington, where they perform twice a month.

Tasha also stays true to her classical dance training and has just produced an outstanding version of the ballet La Sylphide with emerging dance students at LSE, and still uses the Legat russian system. There’s nothing else to it – Tasha is actually only just warming up.

Tasha’s next gig at Toulouse Lautrec is on the 12 April.  Tickets are available on the door at only £5, but book in advance to get a good table.


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