Amanzi: The Perfect Spot for Tea

GloTIME‘s visit to London’s Amanzi Tea has been long awaited.

Situated just off Marylebone High Street, this lovely little tea shop is a hidden gem. As well as offering traditional English Breakfast and Earl Grey, Amanzi offer a wide variety of white, green and oolong teas. They don’t stop there though, you’ll most definitely enjoy their blend of flavoured teas, as well as a variety of bubble teas and all kinds of frappes and iced blends. What’s extra special is the origin of the different leaves which are strictly seasonal and of the highest grade – there’s no doubt that you’ll get the quality drink and service you deserve.

We all know that we British love our tea, so it’s no wonder the heart of London holds a specialist tea bar. You’ll find Amanzi on New Cavendish Street, which is ideally situated to cater to both locals and tourists. Entering the tea bar, you’re met by a wall of cylinders, filled with real tea and a splash of colour as the pleasant  aroma of various blends tickle your nose. Once you finish marvelling at the masterpiece, make use of it’s function, as it is designed to give you the chance to smell each tea blend while learning it’s benefits and origins. If you’re not sure whether you want to try something new, take advantage of the sample pot that greets you from the counter. GloTIME loves the honeydew melon bubble tea with lychee bubbles – it’s a refreshing, healthy twist on a classic smoothie or milkshake. The bubble tea is easy on the palette, and is definitely the drink you’ll want on a hot summer’s day. If honeydew isn’t your thing, try the peach ice tea, which is a little less sweet but equally tasty. See, we discovered that at Amanzi, whether it’s hot or cold, there’ll be something for you.


If there ever was an educational visit, this was it. Marina Krstic, Amanzi’s resident tea expert talked us through all the different kinds of tea – it doesn’t all end at green tea you know. Assisted by Tunde, GloTIME started at the pure white leaf tea, ending at the caffeine free herbal tisanes. If you don’t know anything about tea before visiting Amanzi, you’ll be sure to leave a true tea connoisseur. Did you know that all tea comes from the same plant? Nope, we didn’t either. A surprising first taste of the silver needle white tea was just as we imagined – light and subtly sweet with a hint of floral notes. Another one of our recommendations is the cinnamon spice blend, naturally sweet and intensely fragrant.

As well as the stylistic interior with subtle middle eastern influence, something which struck me was the precision, temperature and timing that goes into making each cup of tea or chosen beverage. Each tea requires a different brewing time and heat level, and the inviting staff at Amanzi make you feel right at home. If you’re headed to Amanzi, kick the habit of ordering the usual chai, green or english breakfast tea and go for something completely new this summer. Amanzi really do take you around the world in a cup. 


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Amanzi Tea

24 New Cavendish St



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